Street markets of the world…


Fruits at the street market in Jaipur, India


Krackau, Poland, ceramic water flutes


Honey wine at the market in Munich, Germany


Udaipur, India

One of my favorite focus on trips over the world are street markets…..


Haridwar, India


Dehli, India, street vendor


Street stand in Jaipur, India


Spices in Ahemadabad, India

… and what the culture produces and where their passion comes in to their own fulfillment …

DSC_8194 - Copy

Street market in Jodpur, India

DSC_7165 - Copy - Copy

Pomegranates at a street market in Haridwar, India

” I see something special and show it to the camera. The moment it is held until someone sees it. Then it’s theirs”                  – Sam Apple


Lingon berries in Stockholm, Sweden

One of my favorite focus on trips are street markets


Italian cheeses in Tuscany, Italy


Germany, Munich, the famous ” Viktualien Markt” offers my kinds of different potatoes


Any kind of olives

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Tea cups, New Dehli, India


  1. These are all terrific Cornelia – I too love shooting street markets, they tell us so much about the culture of the locals. My favorite has to be the spices, one can just smell and taste them in your photo!

  2. There is something very special about street markets of the world. Surely a big attraction to any photographer, and you captured some gorgeous images, Cornelia. As Tina says, the tell so much about the different cultures.

  3. So colorful! Great images – I amaze how lively the market is. Me too, I love taking pictures of the open market 🙂

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